The planned biosafety-level 3 plant facility in Riverside.
  • Provide a detailed history, vision and goal for the CCRF
  • Partnerships
    • Explain the collaborative relations of the CCRF. Include hyperlinks to each of the collaborators websites.
  • Staff
    • Administration: Hyperlinks to anyone involved in this area (Including: Photo, Contact info, Education, Positions*, Publications*, Autobiographical role at UCR CCRF* and Professional Activities*
    • Information Technology
    • Operations
    • Biosafety
    • Security
  • Leadership/Stakeholders
    • Name of leadership and or stakeholders
  • Facility Advisory Board
    • Explain role of the CCRF advisory board. Include photos with small bio.
  • Contact
    • Address
    • Phone
    • Fax
    • Directions (Hyperlink to new page containing information on if you are using GPS this is the address.) Google map hyperlink to CCRF (Explain how to gain directions to facility/Bing map hyperlink to CCRF (Explain how to gain directions to the facility. Include an Embedded satellite map of the CCRF facility with ability to view surrounding location. Detailed directions from nearest Interstates.